(English) The activities should last long enough for the players to have enough time to understand and assimilate the contents, but if they go on too long, concentration decreases and, from that moment, productivity decreases as well. This is especially important for younger players.

Running activities for 7-10 minutes is a suggested maximum before having a change of activity or a break.

Some activities require the players to concentrate more than others. If the coach uses various activities that all require a high level of concentration in a practice session, the players will tire and their concentration will decrease.

For this reason, it is important to schedule psychological rest periods throughout the practice session by either planning complete rest periods or using some activities that do not require a high level of concentration.

The coach should use activities in which all of the players participate frequently. For example, it is best to avoid training sessions where the children are lined up in a long line to do lay-ups and have to wait more than a minute to have their five-second turn (sometimes longer if the coach stops the activity to correct someone). It is also best to avoid practice sessions where some of the players spend a long time sitting down while their companions play a game.