“Two Halves Scrimmage”

Designate two teams (3x3, 4x4 or 5x5) who will play against each other for two halves. They play in the half court and the coach can stipulate any particular rules in order to change the emphasize of the drill (e.g. no dribble, must pass to post before can take an outside shot), allow only off ball screens or simply play normal rules.

After the defence gets the ball, either through a steal, rebound or an offensive score, they go to the other end to score unguarded. They can shoot a two point shot or a three point shot and continue shooting until they get a score.

Defence then return the ball to the offence and play contested in the half court.

At half time of the scrimmage, the defence should have a lead – as they scored on every possession! Offence and defence then swap for the second half. So that the new offence who have a lead, must keep that lead by scoring, as they know that the new defence will score every time that they have possession.