Moving Into Offence – Be Quick but Don’t Hurry 3

A fast break team should aim to get the ball as quickly as possible into offence, and if there is no lay-up opportunity, the team moves into half-court offence – this does not need to be complex.

(English) Players may simply run to positions on the floor or they can use some simple screening action as is shown here.

The main focus is to get the ball to below the free throw line extended as quickly as possible – as this will force the defence to extend to the basket quickly (if they don’t do this, the wing perimeter player will have a lay-up).

After the ball has reached the wing perimeter position, most teams will then look to:

  • Feed a post player; or
  • Reverse the ball.

(English) Screens can be utilized, however it is important that coaches of young players do not forsake teaching players the fundamentals of play including screening.

A common mistake that coaches make is teaching players a particular set of moves (e.g. 4 screens for 2) without teaching them how to set the screen, cut off it nor the post and perimeter skills once they receive the ball.

(Français) John Wooden