(English) Important principles for the fast break are:

  • Starting the Break:
  • Outlet Pass;
  • Dribbling Out;
  • Stealing the ball
  • “Running wide lanes”;
  • Passing the ball ahead;
  • Advantage/Disadvantage – 2x1
  • Advantage/Disadvantage – 3x2
  • Moving into offence - “Be Quick but Don’t Hurry”

Starting the Break

There are a number of important aspects to starting the break:

Outlet Pass - The Defensive Rebounder

The defensive rebounder must land with the ball at least at shoulder height – moving it away from any offensive rebounders. The defensive rebounder must turn to the nearest sideline, facing the baseline corner on that side. They may turn slightly in the air or pivot quickly after landing.

Outlet Pass - The Point Guard

The guard should move to the sideline that is closest to the rebounder, and should turn their back to that sideline so that they are facing the defensive rebounder. Receiving the ball near the free throw line extended. If they are defended, they should move either to the baseline or the middle of the court.

The point guard should not catch the ball while standing still, but should be on the move as they receive the pass. After catching the ball, the guard must look (putting their “chin to shoulder”) in the direction they wish to move, before moving or bouncing the ball.

If the guard does elect to dribble the ball, they must be able to use a long bounce to begin with and then dribbling with the ball in front of their body, using alternate hands when there are no nearby defenders. Many young players will only use their preferred hand and this needs to be discouraged.

Starting the Break – Dribbling Out

Particularly when a “long rebound” is taken (i.e. the ball has bounced well away from the basket), the rebounder may see their opportunity to dribble the ball rapidly. Whilst young players will no doubt make some mistakes, coaches need patience to allow this skill to develop.

Starting the Break – Stealing the Ball

Many fast breaks begin with a steal of the ball. If the player that stole the ball is in an advantageous position then they should dribble quickly. Other team mates should sprint down the court to get into position to receive a pass or rebound a missed shot.