Adding Complexity by Creating Traffic

One method that can be used to vary an activity and to increase its psychological load is to “create traffic”.

For example, a team may do an activity such as “3 man weave” - where 3 players pass the ball between themselves up the length of the court and then attempt a shot. Teams may do a number of “up and backs” before stepping off.

A variation on this drill is to have 2 or more groups of 3 doing the activity at the same time. This creates “traffic” by increasing the number of people on the court and forcing players to be aware of where people are positioned on court and to avoid contact with them. The coach can emphasise that players not travel with the ball and that the ball must not hit the ground.

This is a simple, yet very effective, mechanism for making an activity more complex, without players needing to learn more rules and patterns of movement.