(English) For example, instructing a player to adopt a balanced stance could involve the following teaching points:

  • Feet shoulder-width apart;
  • 60% of weight on the front part of the foot;
  • Have one foot slightly in front of the other (approximately half the length of the foot);
  • Keep the back straight, but be slightly flexed at the hips (so that the chest is not in front of the feet).

Once introduced, these points can be summarized with the word “stance”, however the athletes will need to learn to associate the word with those teaching points (and to remember the teaching points).

Key words (or cue words) such as “stance” make it possible for the coach to quickly remind players of a lot of information. When introducing the key word, the coach must use it consistently and regularly, making sure to explain and demonstrate what it means. It can also help to provide players (and parents) with a written list of key words.