“V Cut”

• After cutting towards the basket, change angle to get into the path of the defender

• “Front foot” advantage is important for creating a passing lane

• After cutting into the key, the player may stop before cutting to the perimeter.

It can also be effective to use a “catch fake” (by putting hands up toward the basket, as if catching a pass). If the defender moves to stop that pass (they are moving toward the basket), the offensive player has an advantage as they move to the perimeter.


“L Cut”

  • Walk up the key and make a quick change of direction to cut to the perimeter


“Backdoor Cut”

  • Step away from the basket, showing the hand as a passing target
  • Push off and cut to the basket
  • Do NOT take only one or two steps

(English) With this cutting pattern (taking only a few steps), the defender is able to deny the movement by 3 as they are only taking a few steps in each direction.


Triangle Leading Pattern

  • Putting together the three elements above
  • Using change of pace is important.
Getting Open Back Cut
Getting Open V Cut
Getting Open Triangle Cut