Problem Observed

Potential Causes

Suggested Change

“Off-line shot” – it does not hit the target.

  1. They are not getting power from their legs but are “pushing” with the arms / shoulders.
  2. Twisting their body as they shoot – particularly if their non-shooting hand is “pulling away”
  3. Elbow not being under the ball, so that arm pushes across their face.

To engage LEG power:

  1. Make sure their stance is not too wide
  2. Have them shoot inside the keyway, start with the ball at their waist and hand behind the ball – have them push up with their legs, finishing on their toes and their hand underneath under the ball.Initially, don’t release the shot, just practice lifting the ball up as the legs push. Progress to shooting.

To stop body twisting:

  1. Have player “hold” their follow through, keeping both arms in the air.
  2. Stand behind the player (or have them stand in front of a wall), so that if they twist their body, they will contact the coach/wall.

To get elbow under the ball:

  1. Dribble ball with shooting hand, and then bring other hand across to pick the ball up and bring it to a “cocked” position (hand and elbow under the ball).