Help to Defend Inside Passing

Defensive Help is also important to stop inside passing, both to perimeter players when they cut and to post players. There are two main examples where defenders may help:


Help Defending Back Door Cuts

The defender on the split line nearest the baseline (x4) must be alert and anticipate any possible pass to 3 cutting “back door”. A visual cue for x4 to consider is how aggressively x3 is denying the perimeter pass. The more aggressive x3 is, the more likely that 3 will “back door” cut to the basket.

x4 reacts to the pass and either intercepts the pass, or defends 3 tightly as soon as they receive the ball. It is also important that the team “helps the helper”, so x2 rotates to the basket and x1 rotates into the keyway.


Help Guarding the Flash Cut

Defenders that are playing in a “floating” or open position one pass away from the ball may also be able to help defend a cut from the “weak side” towards the ball.

x2 is in an open position and can help to guard a cut by 1. Importantly, x2 must maintain sight of their opponent.