“Push” – Defending the On Ball Screen

Initially players are taught various methods to guard the on-ball screen:

  • “Over”;
  • “Under”;
  • “Through”;
  • “Switch”;
  • “Doubles”.

To this, we add “Push” (or “Ice”), which is where the defenders attempt to force the ball handler to dribble away from the screen.

(English) As the ball screen is set, the defender of the ball handler steps in front of the screen, preventing the ball handler from using the screen.

The screener’s defender steps away from the screen, towards the baseline, to pressure any drive by the ball handler.

(English) If the dribbler does drive to the baseline, their defender should force them towards the corner.

x5 may “help and recover”, enabling x1 to recover position against the ball hander.

(English) Alternatively, x5 and x1 may double team the ball handler. Doing this will require help from the “split line” to guard 5’s cut to the basket. This can come from either x4 or x2, who must get between 5 and the ball handler.