(English) Sometimes when a team sets off-ball screens, the defence will “cheat” or move to a position anticipating where the cutter will go, but before the cutter has actually cut off the screen. In this situation, the screener may need to adjust their position (or “rescreen”) in order to be in a position to get their team mate open.


“Re-Screening” – Down Screen

4 sets a screen for 3 who moves toward the screen. Anticipating that 3 will cut into the keyway, x3 moves into the middle of the keyway.

(English) 4 turns to face x3, establishing a new screening position. 3 flares to the perimeter, getting into a position behind 4.


“Re-Screening” – Back Screens

4 sets a back screen for 1, who again moves toward the screen. x1 anticipating that 1 will cut to the basket, avoids 4 and moves into the keyway.

(English) 4, turns to face x1 and establishes a screening position. With the initial back screen, 4 had to give x1 at least one step (because x1 could not see them). With the re-screen, 4 can get as close as they want.

1 moves back to the perimeter


“Re-Screening” – Turn Out Cuts

4 sets a screen, for 3 to make a “turn out” cut. 1 is on the move to make a pass. x3 anticipates that 3 will cut to the perimeter and moves to the outside of 4.

(English) 4 turns to face x3 and establishes a new screening position.

3 steps to the basket, or steps toward the middle of the keyway to receive a pass, with 4 now in the way of x3. 1 may change position to create a better pass.