(English) Often to be able to pass to a post player, the passer must move their position. The post player establishes position based upon where their defender is. It is the passer’s responsibility to then get the ball to them.

Given x5’s position, a pass to the post needs to go to the baseline side. 2 is not able to make this pass from their current position.

(English) 2 can create the correct passing angle by dribbling and 5 would hold their “seal” trying to keep x5 from establishing a new position.

However, if 2 has a “dead ball” (i.e. they have already dribbled) they cannot create 2 the passing angle.

(English) If 2 has a “dead ball”, they may be able to pass to a teammate that has a better “passing” angle to pass to 5.

(English) Another technique that 2 can use is a “curl pass”, where 2 steps to the side (in this case toward the baseline) and extends their arm (in this case their left arm) and passes the ball in a curling motion. It is often easier to catch if this is a bounce pass.

(English) Often a curl pass will be thrown as a bounce pass, and 2 will spin the ball as they release it so that it hits the floor away from 5 (at the point marked in red) and then spins into 5. To do this, the ball needs to spin in a clockwise direction (spinning toward the post player).