(English) Commonly, teams are setting early on-ball screens for guards to create action from the middle of the court. Sets should not be “terminal” and need to lead to other action. Screener must have ability to roll/dive to the basket, flare and make plays off the dribble.


“Middle Pick and Roll – lift opposite post”

After the dribbler comes off the screen, the screener moves to the basket and the low post (5) lifts. Reversing the ball to 5, creates the opportunity for “high/low” post action.


“Middle Pick & Roll – into Triangle and 2”

4 sets the screen for 1 and then flares to the wing.

(English) 5 cuts across to the low post – forming a post triangle with 1, 2 and 5. 4 can down screen for 3.

(English) If ball is reversed to 4, 4 must have the ability to shoot, or dribble into the key for a shot or pass.