Advantage / Disadvantage – 2x1

A key aspect of fast break basketball is looking to create opportunities for the relatively easy score of a lay-up, hopefully without defence! However, fast break basketball can also create an opportunity of out-numbering the defence.

They key to scoring in a 2x1 situation is understanding the concepts of the “passing lane” and the “driving lane”:

“Driving Lane” / “Passing Lane”

The “driving lane” is the path directly between a player with the ball and the basket. The “passing lane” is the direct path between the player with the ball and a teammate that they may pass to.

The player with the ball should attack the basket and then the defender will tell them what to do!

“If the Driving Lane is defended – Pass”

If the defender commits to guarding the dribbler, the dribbler should pass to their open teammate. The teammate should run to the basket, not the side of the backboard.

Players need to be able to pass with both their left and right hands in order to make this pass. In this diagram, 1 would probably be dribbling left hand, but passing with their right hand has a better angle to get the ball to 2.

“If the Driving Lane is not defended – Drive”

If the defender does not commit to guarding the dribbler, the dribbler should attack the basket.

The role of the defender is to make the dribbler believe that the defender has committed to one action but to then do the other.

For example, if the dribbler thinks the defender has committed to the driving lane then the dribbler should pass the ball. If the defender pretends to commit, they may then be able to move into the passing lane to intercept the pass.

The biggest mistakes that young players make are:

  • Deciding what to do at the start of the play, instead of reading the defender and then making a decision;
  • Not attacking the basket, but dribbling or running to the side of the keyway.

Young players may also make a mistake in reading the defender. The coach should ask the player what they saw and then discuss what action should have been taken.