Back Screens

A back screen is set by a player who is stepping away from the basket. An up screen and a back screen are similar. A back screen typically has the screener’s back facing the basket.

The most common example of a back screen is the screener stepping out from the low post to set a screen for the perimeter player.

“2x0 Back Screen”

  • 3 starts with the ball and passes to P3.
  • 5 sets a back screen for 3 with 5’s back to the basket
  • 3 steps towards the ball then cuts off 5, along the baseline
  • 3 cuts to the edge of the backboard then stops
  • 5 “shapes up” to the ball with a forward pivot and hands up to receive the pass

Offensive communication

  • 5 calls “wait, wait, go”
  • 3 calls “basket” and 5 calls “pop”