Contact with Athletes

A coach must communicate with the athletes in the team about many things and with junior athletes this communication should include the parents.

Many young players will have their own phones, and communicate regularly via social media channels (such as Facebook), messaging tools (such as WhatsApp), SMS or other electronic communication methods (such as Email). Coaches should be careful in how they relate with young players.

Guidelines for Contact with Junior Athletes

Coaches should follow the following guidelines when making contact with junior athletes:

  • Keep communication relevant to basketball;
  • Do not “Friend” junior athletes on social media platforms such as Facebook. If you wish to use social media, set up a specific account for the team;
  • Let parents know how you will communicate with the players and ask them to be included (some parents may insist that a coach’s communication is with the parent and not the player);
  • Use social media or text to communicate to all athletes (e.g. advising them of a change in training venue). Do not communicate individually with athletes;
  • Avoid commenting upon the performance of other players when communicating with players. Keep comments related to their own performance;
  • Do not make negative comments about officials or other teams;
  • When meeting with athletes, have another adult present (whether that is a manager or parents) or conduct the meeting in a public venue.