“3 Fakes”

Offensive players start with either a shot fake or drive fake, and then take one dribble to move past the cone or chair (having a team mate stand in front of them is even better - the defender moves to the next position after the offensive player has moved). They should then pick up the ball (feet in the air) and land in a jump stop.

They use a different move to progress past the second cone, and again end in a jump stop. Then play 1x1 against the defender. The middle player tries to score. The outside players try to beat the defender to the baseline.

“1x1 with coach”

Offence and defence play 1x1, with the offence limited to two dribbles. To avoid them taking bad option shots, they may pass to the coach and reset.

Vary where the offence and defence start, sometimes being close to each other, sometimes requiring the defence to Close-out.

“Guard the Gate”

Offence and defence start at the perimeter. Offence must penetrate into the keyway, coming to a jump stop (2 count). Designate “gates” that they must use to get to the keyway (shaded areas), of which there can be one or more.


Offence and defence move across the court, passing the ball between each other. The offensive player may elect to drive to the basket at any time.

“5 Pass Go”

The coach starts with the ball and the offence is at the perimeter. The defender adopts a position relative to where the ball is (as they would in a game). coach passes to the offence who can elect to attempt to score or can return the pass to the coach.

On a return pass, the defender must return to the correct position, relative to where the ball is. The coach moves around, so that the defender’s position will vary.

The offence has 5 opportunities to go. If they score, they return to offence. If they don’t score, or don’t “go” within the five passes, offence and defence swap.


Players play 2x2, emphasising timing of leads. Offence may cut to the basket but must then return to a perimeter position.

Players may take a lay-up at any time. After 3 passes (if there is no lay-up) the players may also take an outside shot.

2 Ball Shootin
4 Lay ups