The movement of players that is the foundation of motion offence remains the foundation when screens are introduced.

Some examples of screens being used are:

Pass and Screen Away

Pass to the wing and down screen for either the perimeter wing player or the low post.

Pass and cut to the basket and then set a screen for the baseline player. The point player can also “exchange” with the wing perimeter player, either by simply swapping positions, or through a screen.

Another example of the guard and perimeter wing player exchanging, this time through the use of an up screen. After the screen, 3 would pop to the guard position and 1 would move out to the perimeter if they did not receive a pass on the cut to the basket.

Post Screens

Post players (either high or low) can also set a back screen for a perimeter player.

Screens between post players can be integrated with screens between perimeter players and post players.