Off Ball Screens - Cutting off an Off-Ball Screen

The player who will cut off the screen should set up their cut, which they can do by:

  • moving slowly to determine the position the defender is taking relative to the screen;
  • showing a “target hand” to receive a pass, as the defender may react;
  • when cutting off the screen, cut close to the screener “shoulder to hip” ensuring that there is no room for the defender to move past the screener;
  • “lock off” the screen with their arm on the hip of the screener;
  • communicate to the screener what cut that they are making either by naming the cut (e.g. “straight”, “curl”) or by identifying to where they are cutting (e.g. “basket”, “top”, “flare”).

There are four basic types of cuts that can be used with an off-ball screen.

The “key signal stimulus” or “cue” is the action the defender takes to defend the cutter.

“Straight Cut”

The cutter moves toward their defender and then cuts over the top of the screen. If the defender steps into the screener makes a straight cut.

Down Screen Straight Cut
Up Screen Straight Cut
Cutting Off Screens Straight Cut