When x2 moves to help stop 1’s dribble penetration, it will give 2 the opportunity to shoot as they catch the ball.

Here, x2 rotated to stop the drive by 1 and x4 and x3 also rotated to “help the helper”. x3 is able to defend 4 as they receive the first pass but a second pass to 2 creates an opportunity to shoot.

2 and 4 both screen the outside of the zone defence, and 1 will be open for a shot as they move to perimeter.

Although they are open to shoot when they receive the ball, the offensive player must be ready to shoot quickly as the defence will no doubt rotate to defend them. Below are some key instruction points:

  • Being on the move as they receive the pass will help the shooter get their “rhythm”. This can be done by catching the ball with feet in the air as they take a small jump or step forward;
  • The player should have their hands ready to catch, with their shooting hand behind the ball. An accurate pass is also important to the player being able to shoot;
  • If the player is going to shoot they should not hesitate (unless they shot fake) or it will break their rhythm;
  • The passer should tell their team mate to “shoot”, giving them the confidence to take that shot.