Guarding the On Ball Screen – Over

As 5 sets the screen for 1, x1 must move to take away the base line drive, forcing Player 1 to move in the direction of the screen.

x5 has their toes pointing to the sideline and steps out from the behind the screener to “show their number” and force the dribbler wide.

As 1 dribbles, x1 also goes over the top of the screen. They must get their hips past the screen and not simply lean the top part of their body. x5 steps out to ensure that the dribbler must go wide, giving x1 room to recover.

x5 then recovers to guard 5, ensuring that they are on the ball side of that player.

Defending Middle Pick & Roll Over
Defend Side Pick & Roll Over
Defend Side Pick & Roll Hard Show
Defend On Ball Screen Over