Using spreadsheets, email and word processing are common tasks for a coach and can make the administration and management of a team more efficient. Access to the internet will provide a coach with an avenue to:

  • find information to scout upcoming opponents – statistics, game reports, game video;
  • find information to help with their own development – coaching clinics and articles, “X’s and O’s” analysis of trends in basketball or what specific teams are running;
  • make contact with colleagues and other networks.

There are also a range of programs designed for coaches to carry out tasks such as:

  • creating a playbook – enabling the coach to diagram plays. Some also enable the coach to animate the players to produce a video showing the movement in the play;
  • team management – enabling the coach to communicate with players;
  • practice planning – preparing practice plans and keeping a record of performance at practice;
  • communication tools – enabling the coach to speak with players wherever they are in the world;
  • management – assistance in booking flights, hotels or ground transport and a range of other management tasks.