Players should use a stance that is comfortable and that prepares them to move quickly:

  • legs spread, a bit more than shoulder width; feet parallel;
  • knees and hips slightly flexed, keeping the body’s centre of gravity low;
  • head up, being able to see the ball and the basket (do not look at the floor);
  • upper body slightly flexed;
  • body weight equally balanced on both feet, slightly on the toes;
  • hands ready to receive the ball, with arms held close to the chest.

In this position the player can move quickly. If, for example, they stand with straight legs, then before they can move they must bend their knees! Similarly, if a player leans their head to one side this affects their balance and before they can change direction, they need to move their head back to the middle.

Sometimes players will be facing the ball, at other times their stance will be away from the ball, but they will need to turn their head or waist to be able to see the ball.