Strength Training

Strength training increases a player’s ability to “apply force” while performing the skills of the game. For example, a player may build up strength so that they can hold a post position without being pushed by the defender or they may jump higher as a result of getting stronger.

To increase a muscle’s ability to apply force, “resistance training” must be used and this must be increased in a progressive fashion for the body to optimally adapt. The most common example of resistance training is “lifting” weights.

Strength can be referred to as an absolute or relative quality. In regard to players in Basketball, where strength qualities need to be utilised with other qualities, it is predominantly the relative quality that you want to increase. The relative quality is expressed as strength per kilogram of bodyweight. The player is not necessarily trying to increase the size of the muscle, just the force that the muscle can apply.

Accordingly, the coach needs to make sure that the strength increase occurs with as little muscle size increase as possible. To do this a good understanding of what resistance training sets and repetitions optimise what qualities.

The following table outlines which repetition ranges optimise which training response;

Quality Repetitions Sets Intensity
Strength endurance 15-20 2-4 40-70%
Hypertrophy (increasing muscle size) 8-12 3-6 65-80%
Maximal strength 1-6 3-4 85-100%
Power 1-3 2-6 95-100%

Strength training can improve both maximal strength and hypertrophy. Hypertrophy training refers to increasing the muscle size whilst maximal strength training refers to increasing the muscles contraction force. For basketball athletes, maximal strength training is usually the priority.

For a beginner to strength training, a small amount of training volume will result relatively quickly in the body adapting and the muscles being able to produce a greater force. As the player becomes well trained, training volume needs to continue to increase to get continued increases in muscle force.