One of the key concepts in the “receiver’s principle”, is to create an option to receive a pass on the perimeter from the dribbler. When successful, this can create a perimeter shot (usually a 3 point attempt) however with junior players this may not be as good an option because of their inconsistency when shooting from this distance.

However, coaches should still encourage the “receivers principle” because a quick second pass will often create a good opportunity for further penetration into the keyway.

As 2 dribbles into the key, the other players move to “receivers” positions.

The pass to 2 may create a perimeter shot, however in junior players this may not be a high percentage shot. It may also create an opportunity to drive.

A quick second pass, may also create an opportunity for 3 to drive into the keyway, as the defence scramble.

3 may also be able to step closer to the basket to receive the pass, making for a higher percentage shot. 2 should also look to see if 5 is open on the post.