Trap First Pass

A trap can also be used to attempt to double team the ball in the front court – in particular to double team the first pass.

x1 defends the dribbler and attempts to make them pass the ball. x2 and x3 deny players in the middle of the court, but allow a catch on the sideline.

x1 follows the pass to double team., or if x3 is closer they can double team, and x1 would rotate down the split line. Indeed, x3 is likely to be in a better position to double team as they are probably below the “line of the ball”.

However whether or not x3 is in position to double team will depend upon if they are close to the “split line” or nearer the other side of the court.

If the double team is set, x4 moves toward the sideline to deny any pass. x3 (or x1) and x5 are in “split line” position and should anticipate the pass that may be made and attempt to get in position to intercept.

If the ball is passed out of the double team, x3 rotates to the ball (and can be relatively passive, ensuring that Player 1 cannot penetrate) and other players either move into “man to man” or zone position.