Commonly, the wing will be where offence is initiated and it is often on the right hand side of the floor, given most players are right-handed dominant.

Aggressively deny passes

x3 denies the pass to the wing, which may cause 3 to cut back door.
x5 steps toward the wing to help to stop any pass to a “back door” cut.
x4 similarly moves toward the middle of the floor.

If the offensive team looks to initiate from either wing, then x4 may deny a pass to 4, while x2 sags towards the key.

Another tactic is to automatically double team the ball when it is passed to a preferred area of the court.

x1 follows the pass to the wing and x3 adjusts position to force any dribble back toward x1. x2 and x4 both rotate across.

From the double team, the player that has vision of where the pass went, sprints out.