1 passes to the wings and cuts to the basket. 5 screens for 4 who cuts to the top of the key. Importantly, against a zone, 5 must “find” x2 to make the screen effective.

Rather than 2 passing to 3, they can dribble out of the wing – this is the “dribble drag”, attempting to engage a particular defender. In most cases x4 will continue to defend, although may hand over to x1.

On this dribble, 1 moves to the strong side short corner to receive a pass. As x5 rotates to defend 1, 5 can dive to the basket and may receive a pass. 1 can also drive against the bigger defender.

Often x2 will “front” 5 to stop the dive to the basket. This enables 5 to screen x2 allowing a pass to 4, which creates a 2x1 situation with 4 and 3 defended by x3.

The same option can be created with a pass direct from 2 to 4, with 5 again screening x2.