1. Dribble running on court and change speed at the coach’s signal (whistle, voice or visual) or have them follow lines of court.
  2. Dribble starting from different positions (standing, sitting, kneeling, lying on back, lying on tummy, etc.).
  3. In pairs (one ball each), dribble and try to touch partner ́s ball, knee, back; untie their shoe-laces, etc., all while dribbling!

Joint Mobility

  1. Rotation, twisting trunk, extension of lower limbs, extension of upper limbs, holding ball in hands.
  2. Very easy circuits: passing under a bench, inside the wall bars, under a curved ladder on the floor, upside down.

Spatial-Temporal and Dynamic Differentiation

  1. Walk and run fast, slowly, jump slowly or fast. Progress to include dribbling.
  2. Dribble slow, fast, bouncing ball high, low, and very high, very low.
  3. Dribble two balls in alternate ways (standing still and on the move).
  4. Dribble running, changing hands, direction, speed, reverse walking (at coach’s signal).
  5. Dribble at different paces.
  6. In pairs, imitate the other ́s speed of dribbling.
  7. The coach beats a rhythm and children try to imitate it with their hands, feet, with the ball.