(English) The “Horns” offence (sometimes called “A-Set”) has been used at both US College, NBA and Euro League levels by a number of teams. It is a relatively simple basic alignment, with two screens being set for the ball handler.

(English) The offence is sometimes known as “A-Set”

(English) “Horns” starts with basic high pick and roll action. It can include various options for movement by both the screeners and perimeter shooters.

(English) Basic Screen and Roll

(English) The screener rolls to the basket and the ball is reversed back to the top

(English) The unused screen cuts to the basket

(English) This is a basic “screen the screener” action.

(English) “Pick and Roll” on the strongside and downscreen on the weakside.

(English) The offence can also be run with a “sideline entry”.