1. Race dribbling 15-20 meters.
  2. Race running in a slalom (moving in and out of cones) while dribbling.
  3. Relay races and dribbling races.
  4. Competition jumping, keeping rhythm.
  5. Timed shooting competition: see how many shots can be made in a certain period of time. Lower rings may need to be used with young athletes, or a “goal” may include hitting the ring or hitting the net.
  6. Timed passing (2, 3, 4, 5 players in teams): see how many passes can be made in a certain period of time. Initially do without defence and then add a defensive team. Emphasise players stopping as they catch the ball.
  7. Timed simple circuits running around the court. Progress to performing various dribbling moves, changes of direction etc. as part of the circuit.


  1. Dribble and jump at same time.
  2. Relay races in pairs: “wheelbarrow” (hold onto partner’s thighs as they “walk” on their hands).
  3. Jump inside and outside of a circle.
  4. High jump, long jump, jump backwards, low jump.
  5. Throw ball forwards, backwards, sideways, sitting down, kneeling down, lying on back, lying on tummy.