(English) 2.4 Timing violations

(English) There are a number of specific timing violations, although often in local competitions they may not be enforced or may be enforced with leniency. Coaches should check with the administrator of the competition as to which specific rules will be applied.

(English) The timing violations are:

3 seconds

Once a team has the ball in their front court, an offensive player cannot be in the “key” for more than 3 seconds. When a shot is taken, the 3 second count stops. If a player steps out of the key (with both feet) they can then re-enter the key and have another 3 seconds.

5 seconds

A player with the ball that has an opponent guarding them closely must pass, shoot or dribble within 5 seconds

8 seconds

The offensive team cannot take more than 8 seconds to move the ball from their back court into their front court.

14 seconds

A team that takes an offensive rebound will then only have 14 seconds in which to attempt a shot

24 seconds

When a team first has possession of the ball, they have 24 seconds in which to attempt a shot.

The 14 and 24 seconds violations are often not used in local or junior competitions. A separate “shot clock” is used to count this time and requires a dedicated timekeeper who just operates the “shot clock”.