1. “All Together to the Basket”. Players are divided into two teams with each player having a ball. The players stand at the half way line, with the teams “back to back”. On the coach’s signal the players dribble toward the basket that they are facing and take a shot. If they miss, they may take another two shots. After making a shot (or taking 3 shots) players dribble back to half way. The team that makes the most shots wins. The activity can also be started from a sitting position, kneeling down or lying down. The same game can also include having the players perform an initial pivot (front or reverse) on the coach’s signal. The players dribble and then shoot towards the opposite basket from their starting points.
  2. “Dribbling and Shooting Relay Race”. Players are divided into two groups and have a ball each. At the signal, the first player of each team begins to dribble, towards the basket stops and shoots. If the player scores a basket they quickly return to the line. If they miss their initial shot, they may have another two tries to make a basket. After the three tries have been used up, the child returns to the starting point. The team that manages to score the highest number of baskets in a set period of time wins.
  3. The same relay race may be played allowing each player to have only one shot. The next player starts toward the basket once the player in front of them has shot.
  4. “Dribble Slalom Relay Races”. Players are divided into two teams and start at half way. They dribble around cones and then take a shot. Once they have shot, they return to the line and the next player dribbles. The team to make the most baskets in a designated time wins (or it can be up to a designated score).

5.         Dribble Slalom Relay Races”can also be done full court.

  1. “Parallel Relay Race”. Players are divided into three or four teams, with each team starting on the base line. When the coach says “go”, the first player in each line dribbles towards the opposite basket, stops and shoots (three shots available), then returns after getting the rebound, and gives a “high five” to the second of the line who then starts. The team which manages to score the most baskets in a set period of time wins. The shots may be either a jump stop, lay-up or a moving lay-up. The coach should not have too many players standing and waiting at the one time, so should make the groups small. It is also possible to have a second player from each group start dribbling, once the team mate ahead of them crosses half way.