4.2 The coach’s responsibilities

Coaches carry out a range of tasks and are therefore required to possess a variety of competencies. Many of these competencies are developed “on the job” rather than in courses. What action any particular coach may take will depend upon the level at which the coach is coaching the team they are coaching and the club (or school) at which they are coaching.

The competencies that Coaches require can be set out as follows: 6

Set the vision and strategy

  • Understand the big picture
  • Align and govern
  • Analyse needs
  • Set the vision
  • Develop strategy

Shape the environment

  • Create action plan
  • Organise setting and personnel
  • Identify and recruit athletes, staff and resources
  • Safeguard participants
  • Develop progress markers - how success will be measured

Build relationships

  • Lead and influence
  • Manage relationships
  • Be an educator
  • Be a listener
  • Share information - help people achieve their goals rather than demand that they help you to achieve yours

Conduct practices and structure competitions

  • Guide practice
  • Use a combination of activities that allow the players to explore various techniques and activities that specifically dictate what players are to do
  • Identify and manage suitable competitions

Read and react to the field (“Game coaching”)

  • Observe
  • Make decisions and adjust
  • Record and evaluate

Learn and reflect

  • Evaluate session and programme
  • Self-reflect and self-monitor
  • Engage in professional development
  • Innovate


6 Ibid, pp32-33